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Sandy McDonald

Every day as I wake, the fear of rejection creeps in slowly - that my truest self and who I am as an individual will be denied. This is a fear that drives every aspect of how I live my life. I believe this is the experience for many, however, everyone is unique in how this ‘misfitting’ feeling defines them, controls them, or shapes them. I have wondered mentally on this journey for some time, and this body of images is representation of my experience of the physical wandering down this path. 

The images that make up this body of work are part of an exploration of my journey of feeling; of being out of place and they serve as an observation of or representation for my understanding of that experience. These images reflect on that experience of being misplaced, or rather, failing to fit into the shapes and molds of society and life’s expectations. The photographs suggest the experience of being or feeling misplaced - in their documentation of places and spaces that feel just that: misplaced in a way that they are seemingly tied to nothing.

The images point towards the wandering of my passage, and question whether change is necessary to ‘fit’; they ask whether who and how we are is enough. The photographs are an exploration of the everyday seemingly insignificant moments or places. They reflect on the human experience, proposing the idea of it in and of itself being ‘enough’. These images intend to stand as representation for a metaphorical journey of one discovering the places in which they fit, through wandering and passing through those places in which they seem to not.

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