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Realization of My Self Isolation


Charity Anderson

Depression and anxiety are two words that have become very common in recent months of restriction during quarantine around the world.  With the fear of catching the virus looming over our society, it has forced many people to stay home and not interact with loved ones.  The Realization of My Self Isolation is a photographic series consisting of self-portraits that tell a personal story of my constant struggle with depression and anxiety.  Each work is made of a sequence of photographs taken at home while in isolation due to self-quarantine.  Placing myself in different scenarios where depression and anxiety are relevant and exist within the monotony of everyday life, has forced me to identify and deal with my own fears of failure and loss of control. Something that has always been private and never spoken about to anyone.  Photographing myself in a vulnerable state and dealing with such a sensitive subject has been very difficult but also therapeutic. I want to share this experience with the viewer in hopes to have a dialog about embracing the uncomfortable and having the courage to be open about these topics. 

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